Manob Environment Foundation is a Non-profit,Non-governmental organization which was founded in 2009.We will rise and form a rich and fulfilling Bangladesh.


Founder Name : US-SALEHIN

Background Information Of Manob Environment Foundation:

Human Beings Are Not Immortal. No One Knows How Long They Will Survive .Yet People Roam Aimlessly To Try And Reach The Top Of The Ladder. And A Few Lucky Ones Actually Make It. When They Look Back They Realize That They are On Top And Yet Society Is Still Where It Was.

Poor Neighborhoods, Starvation Amount Poor People, Underdeveloped Medical Care, The Poor Get Poorer And Underage Children Are Burdened With Child Labor, They Search For Food In Garbage Cans, The Beggars Continue To Beg, Some Even Engage In Drug Addiction, Trees Are Being Cut Down, Which Affect Seasonal Changes, Floods And Droughts Are Occurring, River Banks Are Breaking Off.

After Looking Back At These Events That Are Still Taking Place, They Realized That They Could Not Change Anything Other Than Themselves, Because If They Did We Would Not Be Facing So Many Problems.

In My Childhood, I Saw, My Family Always Reach Out To Help Others At The Time Of Their Need, Whether It Was Financial Or Mental Support. When I Went To School, I Used To See Small Children Pick Leader, I Saw Old People Come To My Grandfather’s Office For Minimal Education, I Saw Them Becoming Established In Society .My Father Rendered Medical Treatment And Job Assignments For Poor People And My Mother Provided Them With Food And Money.

All Of These Instances Inspired Me Want To Help People. When My Grandfather Died People Prayed For Him, Because They Loved Him, And They Still Do And They Even Respect My Dad. I Got Inspired By Their Acts And I Started Helping People And I Feel Very Good About It. I Used A Portion Of My Income To Aid People, With Medical, Educational Services And Housing. Then I Thought Why Not Open An Organization, So That I Can Get Help From Humanitarians And Other Industries To Go Further With My Goal Of Helping People And Thus I Got Permission From The Government And Started My Organization Named “Manob Environment Foundation” . March 22nd, 2009 I Got Permission From The Government And Then Some Humanitarians Joined Me And Started Working In My Organization.

Some Day We Might Come To An End But "The Manob Environment Foundation” Will Go On. Our Work Will Inspire Youngsters To Help Others. One Day Bangladesh Will Be Developed And The Citizens Will Get Proper And Organic Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical Care, Education And Will Reach Fulfillment. We Will Share Our Vision With The World. This Is How The Manob Environment Foundation” Got Started And Every Day We Are Working Towards Our Goals. Our Foundation Is For The People.